Finally a easy to use software tool that compiles & processes all of your sales data & various traffic channels and gives you simple to understand yet actionable metrics & reports in seconds, that everyone can understand & interpret (even if you are terrible at math) 
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Meet Base Camp:
Your New Marketing Dashboard
You shouldn’t have to spend hours every time you want to try to decipher how successful your marketing was today, over the last week, 6 months or over any other time period. With Sherpa Metrics’ Base Camp, you’ll get all the data you need in seconds.
Complex Data Made Simple
Powerful Marketing Reports That are Easy to Understand
We’ve created Sherpa Metrics with one thing in mind: Making what was previously complicated and confusing, easy & simple. 

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean your data comes watered down. It’s the opposite. We give you the data you you need most, in a way that’s easy to understand.
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Sherpa Metrics goal is simple: Making it easy for you to know how effective every dollar you spend on marketing is, then helping you use that knowledge to grow your business even more!

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Space is VERY Limited!
** You Will Never Get Spam - We Protect Your Privacy
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